DJ JOHN KELLY is a true legend of dance music. Undoubtedly one of the DJs responsible for shaping the British dance scene. His energised performances are still guaranteed to rock the dance floor wherever he plays. His message is simple: music makes people come together, and his understanding of what makes a crowd move, wherever he is in the world, is what cemented Johns reputation as a consummate crowd pleaser.

As the UK dance scene erupted, John was amongst a select group of DJs to headline emerging new clubs including Gatecrasher, Slinky, Passion, Sundissential and Miss Moneypennys. He earned himself residencies at the worlds greatest clubs, including Cream, Godskitchen, Ministry of Sound and Manumission.

John became a DJ in the mid to late eighties, playing at first, small events for family and friends in Liverpool. Together with James Barton they started a club in Liverpool called The Underground.

The housemusic scene grew rapidly and fuelled by the energy and excitement they were generating, the pair moved on to a new, bigger venue, Quadrant Park. The Quad as it was known, had a capacity of 5,000 and stayed open until 6am; it was the UKs first super-club and the precursor to the legendary Cream.

John has played all the major clubs of the U.K, including a weekly residency at Ministry of Sound in 1998 and bi-monthly appearances at Cream, Gods Kitchen, Slinky, The Arches in Glasgow, Gatecrasher, Temple in Dublin and the legendary Clockwork Orange events in the UK and Ibiza.